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Rates & Schedules

Our boats are fast and comfortable. We carefully plan out each trip according to weather and our target species, while our staff works hard to keep our passengers satisfied and safe throughout the trip. The fleet features state of the art electronics to help put us on the fish quickly and efficiently. Join us this season at Captain’s Fishing Parties!

Check our Online Booking Calendar for available trips and times! Reservations benefit both parties, and are highly recommended, especially to those traveling long distances.


Dock Departure 7:30AM | Dock Arrival 4:00PM / 4:30PM
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Adults $77.00
Seniors 62+ $69.00
Active Military $72.00
Children 11-14 $52.00 Includes Rod Rental
Children 10- Under $35.00 Includes Rod Rental
Rod Rentals $8.00 Rates do vary

Target Species
Haddock | Pollock | Other Bottom Fish

Dock Departure 8:00AM | Dock Arrival 3:00PM

Adults $65.00
Seniors 62+ $59.00
Children 11- 14 $44.00 Includes Rod Rental
Children 10- Under $25.00 Includes Rod Rental
Active Military $60.00
Rod Rentals      $8.00 Rates do vary

Target Species Haddock | Pollock | Other Bottom Fish

Dock Departure 5:30AM | Dock Arrival 5:00PM / 5:30PM
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Flat Rate $95.00 Includes Rod Rental Marathons are limited passenger trips & reservations and rod-holder number requests are required, Please Call for more Information.

Target Species Haddock | Pollock | Other Bottom Fish

Morning Dock Departure 8:30AM | Dock Arrival 12:15PM
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Adults $40.00
Seniors 62+ $38.00
Active Military $35.00
Children 11- Under $35.00 Includes Rod Rental
Rod Rentals $5.00 Rates do vary

Target Species Mackerel | Flounder | Call for Details

- Afternoon Departure Daily 1:00PM | Dock Arrival 3:30PM
- Evening Departure 6:00PM | Dock Arrival 8:30PM
Wednesday | Thursday | Friday 
- Evening Departure 5:00PM | Dock Arrival 7:30PM
Saturday | Sunday  

Adults $40.00 Includes Rod | Bait | Tackle
Children 12- Under $38.00 Includes Rod | Bait | Tackle

Blue fish can be targeted in our area anywhere between late July and September when they follow the bait fish up from the Cape. When the Blues are in we interchange some Half-Day and or Bass trips for some exciting Blue fishing when they’re biting!

For more information on when these trips are running check our fish reports and online booking schedule for available Half Day and Bass Trips targeting Blues.

Adults $42.00
Seniors Citizens 62+ $40.00
Children 12- Under $38.00

Captain’s Fishing Parties also uses their four boats to rent out for events and large groups looking for an exclusive trip on the open ocean. This is available for all kinds of fishing and is offered throughout our season. Cater the trip your self or leave it to us, our vessels include a full cash galley for breakfast, snacks, lunch and beverages. Please call us to discuss the group details and rates.

Note | up to 60 fishing | 149 passenger



If you are looking for a smaller boat for a few friends to charter, Captain’s Fishing Parties is more than happy to recommend “Obsessed Charters” to join Captain Pete or Captain Paul for some of the best striped bass fishing in the North Shore, located right off the CFP dock! So get ready to pull them in, and be sure to ask Pete about his biggest fish story!

Please Call 978 510 1081 for details.


Terms & Conditions
  • Due to the fluxuation of fuel prices, rates may vary.
  • All Senior and Military discounts are honored with valid ID at check-in.
  • Captain’s Fishing Parties has zero tolerance for Violence, Drugs, or Alcohol brought on board, Please and Thank You. Note | We have a Liquor License and provide our fishing trips with a simple selection of choice beers.
  • Boat per trip is decided on a day-to-day basis
  • We have the right to cancel at any time before the time of departure per trip.
Massachusetts 2018-19 Regulations ( For-Hire )

Cancelation Policy
If for any reason you must cancel please either call or visit us two days before your trip to either reschedule, or receive a full refund. Others who do not call ahead will be charged a fee listed in the terms and conditions below.
  • Please call when office hours are open between 6:30AM – 6:30PM
  • Two day or more notice to receive a full refund.
  • Day before notice to receive refund with $10.00 per person fee.
  • Day before notice to rebook you will be charged a $10.00 per person rebooking fee.
If we have to cancel for any reason, we do our best to inform each passenger as soon as possible, especially those traveling long distances. Each party will have the opportunity to either rebook or receive a full refund once informed of said cancellation.

No Show – No Refund

If you do not officially cancel or reschedule with us before the day of your trip you will not receive a refund payment under any circumstance. We do however, offer to please call and rebook for a trip of equal or lesser value within the same season of your originally booked reservation, $10.00 rebooking fee required. After the season expires, your original reservation will be void of any value towards future bookings.