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fishing faq

At Captain’s Fishing parties we want our passengers to be prepared and well educated about what to expect when traveling with us and our fleet. Below are a few things we recommend all our guest to get familiar with before any of our fishing excursions.
  • Always dress accordingly | Be keen and check the weather conditions for your scheduled trip or call the shop and ask for the expected forecast. On average the temperature is 10-15 degrees cooler depending on the distance to the fishing grounds. An extra jacket or rain gear may be desired.
  • Bring proper foot wear | Flip flops and open toe shoes are never recommended. Although it may be warm, some of the fish caught may have hazardous appendages or teeth, and being safe is better than being sorry. It sometimes gets messy on the deck so Slip-Resistant Shoes or Rain Boots are a common find on board.
  • Sun Protection | During the season, even on cooler days, the sunlight is intensified as it reflects off the water. At CFP we advise the use of sun screen and hats during your morning and afternoon voyages.
  • Motion Sickness | If you or a passenger in your party is prone to motion sickness it’s not a bad idea to invest in medication to prevent it from occurring. This can be purchased here at our shop or at several common pharmaceutical drug stores. Taking one the night before and one the morning of you trip, tends to do the trick.
  • Gratuities | Our trained crew is one of the key components that keep our trips running smoothly day-after-day. Our crew depends on the generocity of our customers to make a living; similar to waiters and waitresses. There is a lot of behind the scenes duties that are performed by our staff to keep the fleet clean and well stocked for every departure, as well as there assistance provided throughout each trip. So please don’t forget to recognize their hardwork and appreciation.
  • Salt Water Fishing License | At Captains Fishing Parties, our fleet has whats called a Blanket License which covers all of our passengers on board, so no prior license is required of you or your party.


▪   Are the boats Handicap Accessible?
“Our crew does the best they can to assist handicapped and wheel chair bound passengers on board. Our pier and ramp make it easy to gain access to our dock, and the crew help make it possible to get wheel chairs and disabled passengers safely on board. Please call ahead so our crew will be ready to provide extra assistance.”

▪   Do I have to make a reservation?
“Reservations are highly recommended, especially from our passengers traveling long distances. This way if we don’t exceed our passenger minimum or are expecting poor conditions, we can call our customers to inform them of the cancelation and offer to reschedule.”

Reserve your trip |  978 462 3141  or  Book Online

▪   Is there food and beverages on the boats?
“Yes. The boats feature full Galleys that serve breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages for a duration of your trip. Three of our vessels also include heated cabins and additional booth seating for dining.” Note | Cash Only.

▪   Can we bring alcohol on board?
No you may not. CFP has their own liquor license, and offers a simple selection of choice beers and or liquors for nearly all trips and cruises.” Note | You must be of Massachusetts legal age with valid I.D to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages on board.

▪   What is a good tip/gratuity for the Crew members?
“The crew manages long hours and works hard for our passenger’s satisfaction, with friendly assistance and knowledge, during each trip. Tipping should be based off of the involvement and customer service our crew demonstrates during each trip. If a positive experience is had, offer an amount that shows appreciation and respect for the service provided. Thank you.”

▪   What if it rains?
“As long as the wind and weather conditions don’t threaten to cause too high of seas or dangerous circumstances, our fishing trips will carry on despite the rain or moderate fog. Our Deep-Sea vessels include enclosed cabins and second floor rooftop overhangs to keep passengers dry on the way in and out. As far as fishing goes some people say fishing is better in the rain! So be sure to bring good quality rain gear if the forecast calls for it!”  Marine Weather Forecast


▪   How do I use the rental equipment?
“When you rent our equipment, it’s our crew’s job to be sure you are educated on how to properly use it. Our passengers should be comfortable and confident with their rod, reel and tackle by the end of their tutorial.” Note | Some trips provide endless tackle, while others do not | In this case replacement gear will need to be paid for.

▪   Can my party and I keep what we catch?
“Yes! For some target species, the fish must reach the legal regulations in length to be able to bag it. Once the fish is cautiously removed from the hook, either by the passenger or crewmember, the fish can be measured and decided if it stays or goes. The crew offers a filleting service at the end of each trip if you want to have your fish professionally prepared.”

▪   What do I do when I catch a fish?
“A crewmember will be more than willing to help novice fishermen gaff, net or bring in their catch in over the rail and remove it from the hook. They will also measure the fish to find out if it is of legal size for you to keep. If you get the thumbs up, it will be set-aside for you or burlap bags are available for purchase in the Galley. You may also store it in your fish chest / cooler if you choose to bring one.”

▪   Why do people purchase burlap bags for Deep Sea Fishing trips?
“Passengers purchase burlaps from the Galley when they catch a legal sized fish that they intend to bring home. As opposed to plastic bags, that trap heat and essentially cook your fish, burlap allows for good ventilation resulting in safer storage for the day. Ice is available in the Galley and is encouraged to purchase to keep your catch at a cool and safe temperature throughout the trip.”

▪   Can I bring my own fishing rod and equipment?
Yes you may. Be sure to know what species of fish are being targeted on your scheduled trip. Different styles of fishing suggest different kinds of gear. If you are unsure of your equipment call or ask a crew member on board for advise.”

▪   How far out do we go?
“Depending on the trip, we can go as little as half a mile to the mouth of the Merrimack River, or as far as 20+ miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Ask for details when reserving your trip.

▪   What kind of bait do we use?
“The choice of bait varies from clams to mackerel and is based on the target species pursued. At CFP we always provide a supply of bait that will be dispersed amongst our passengers. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about the bait we use when you call to make a reservation.”

For other inquiries, please give us a call at 978-462-3141

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